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Val B's Wax. How it all began.

Posted by Valerie Blount on

Val in shop

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to my first blog for the Val B's Wax Wholesale Website.

I thought I would begin by sharing with you the story of how it all began.

I discovered and developed my unique process for making beautiful jewellery five years ago, not long after my beautiful Mum passed away.

She had been creating encaustic art wax images to use in her passion for card making for some time and I was fascinated by the incredibly detailed imagery that you can achieve using the beeswax.

Being an artist and creator I began experimenting with her waxes and suddenly felt the urge to find a way to encapsulate the beautiful results and use it in jewellery. I began with  simple copper pendant.

I know Mum would have loved my beautiful range of jewellery and would be very proud that she was the inspiration for it.

I now manufacture my ever growing range in my Workshop and Showcase Store in Shrewsbury Town Centre. Why not pop around some time and I can show you how I do it.

If you don't already stock my products I would love you to give them a try  They really are unique and beautiful. 


















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